Cherry Vareniki (Cherry Dumplings) recipe

We’re making sour cherry vareniki here. This is the dough, and we’re going to put some sugar in it, just a little bit, to make it sweet. These are sour cherries, called vishnia, here in Ukraine. And we’re going to put four in here, maybe three. I think we’ll put three in. There’s not room for four. And then we wrap it up like this, to make kind of a seal on the edge, and you crimp it real pretty like these over here. You want to look at those, over there? I already did those.

Take some pressure off of me while I’m actually crushing this one. Uh-huh. Doesn’t want to work. It has stage fright. It can’t do it for the camera. Okay. Almost got it. . And then, after you crimp the edges, it’s ready to go right into the pot, and that’s it.

This is a pot of boiling water, and we’re going to boil the vareniki. These are sour cherry vareniki, but we also made ones with tvorog, which is homemade cheese.

Both are going to be a little bit sour, so we put some sugar in to make them sweet, as well. Okay. Now, I’m taking the vareniki out of the boiling water. They’ve been in here about five to 10 minutes, and you know that they’re ready when they float at the surface, so I’m putting them in just a container of butter, and we’re going to stir them up after they’re all done.

And these actually are vareniki with homemade cheese, rather than sour cherries, as we said before. We’re going to do those later.

This is vareniki with tvorog, which is homemade cheese, and we have a little sour cream here, and sugar, and you mix them together and dip it in there, and they’re yummy and hot.