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Hi, everybody, my name is


Cooker and Blogger

This is my personal culinary blog, where you will find interesting recipes for a variety of dishes from all over the world with step-by-step pictures and be sure to want to cook them. I am happy to run this blog, cook for you and take pictures of tasty food. I’m not a professional chef and I’ve never studied it, but it doesn’t prevent me from cooking and doing it with great love and incredible pleasure.

All we here

My family.

I am the happy wife of a caring husband and mother of a beautiful girl.

In 2012, my husband received a working offer to move to Cyprus and the family council decided to agree! And so we found ourselves in one of the most popular cities among Russian tourists and immigrants, the city of Limassol.

We are madly fond of cozy Cypriot villages, in one of these villages, called Kolossi, we settled. This village is also popular among tourists because of its attraction – Kolossy Castle. Quiet, cozy, friendly neighbors and proximity to the beautiful beach of Curion (7 minutes by car), where we are all family very often.


About this blog

Originally, the idea of creating a culinary blog belonged to my husband (thank you so much for that). I caught fire with the idea, and just the next day, I was completely immersed in its realization.
I collected and studied all the information about creating a personal blog with great interest and curiosity.

And now, this blog in front of you, where I collect interesting recipes and share them. My collection of recipes is constantly growing. I like to try something new and interesting, and publish my favorites.